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       It was finally that dat day. That special day Benson really doesn't look forward to once every year. His birthday. However, since he had met Mizzy and Liuuy he now has a new and positve perspective in life. Benson didn't really care much for parties and presents, all he wanted for his birthday was to spend some time with Mizzy and enjoy his special day with her.

That morning, Benson was working in his office untill their usual daily  meeting started at 9am. He was also busy thinking about how he would enjoy his birthday to the fullest with Mizzy. He suddenly snapped back into reality when he heard foot steps coming down the hall.

Expecting to be greeted through the door, it was Mizzy and Liuuy who passed by as if they were rushing to an important place. Puzzled, Benson hurried to catch up with them. As they were about to exit the front door, Benson stopped them just in time.

"Hey, where're you guys rushing to?" He asked.

"Hey, Benson. We umm... gonna get some coffee from the snack bar," Mizzy responded nervously.

"But Pops is making coffee here," Benson said.

"Oh...but... I gotta get going," Mizzy said as she grabbed her sister's hand and ran of.

"Hmm, strange," Benson whispered to himself.

As the day passed Benson decided to spy on Mizzy. He realized that Mizzy was talking with Thomas throughout most of the day. Benson then suddenly felt jelousy coming over him. He didn't know what to do. Mizzy didn't even wished him a happy birthday.

Benson then went over to Skips' home. "Skips can I talk to you...about Mizzy?"

"Sure. What's wrong?" Skips said taking a seat on his bed. Benson sat beside him.

"Well...I don't know. Why has Mizzy been acting so strange today. When I try to talk to her, she would avoid me and she had been spending the day with Thomas. I have a feeling those two have something going on," Benson now had tears in his eyes.

"Maybe she's helping Thomas with something from school," Skips said trying to comfort him.

As Benson was about to speak, Liuuy came in the room with a toothy grin. "Benson can you come to the house, Mizzy has to tell you something."

"I think I know what it is," Benson said storming out of Skips' home. Skips picked up Liuuy and followed behind.

Benson started to feel anger rising in him. 'I already know what's going on. She's gonna tell me that she and Thomas have something going on now. I can't believe she'll betray me like this.'

When Benson opened the front door of the house it was dark. "Hello?" Benson asked confused.

"SURPRISE!" Everyone yelled. Benson couldn't  move. He was so surprised. Mizzy came up to him with a present.

"Happy birthday, Benson." Hope you enjoy this party.

"This surprise party was your idea?" Benson asked shocked.

"Yea and thanks to Thomas who helped me out."

"Oh so that's why you guys were together all day," Benson was now relieved.

"Yea.... What did you think we were up to?" Mizzy asked raising an eyebrow.

"Ehh, lets go enjoy this night," Benson said as he grabbed Mizzy's hand and joined the others.
For :icondanielleanddaniella1: contest :)
GummiWings87 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
...perfect! I love it!
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Thank you :D :D You're a fast reader xD
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Yeah I am
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